Inspiring sincere fondness for organized structures, and a homely ambiance with open space in movement of natural fluidity. These are absolute elements and important details in today’s modern living arrangements, which cultivate transformation that integrate in relevance while inhabiting space with a perfect fit. Faer Wing-1 modular closet system brings you the ultimate union of splendor, solid format, and function while reserving personal singularity with a well defined appeal. Presenting ultra-modern luxuries that are invigorating to the senses, with serene contentment to the spirit. A perfect integration of simpleness and intrinsic forms that will persist with a forward movement lifestyle.


Efficiency with vitalizing shape and form come into unison, interrelating a selective number of variable lifestyles, that give representation to the surroundings in relation to personal delectation. Simple in it’s fine points, Faer Wing-2 Italian closet design renders diversified utility with a clean essential quality. These qualities achieve a chemistry of alignment, harmony, and lucidity which bring forth a fluently simplified custom wardrobe design that is dressed in a minimalist style, while revealing essential philosophical characters.


For the adventurous who take full liberation in going the extra mile, and enjoy introspect peripheral views with sleek and clean modern toned embellishments, that compose luster and a brilliant after glow. Faer Wing – 3 wall to wall luxury Italian closet system with mirrored details can act as one bold element to set the tone of the room. Reflecting luminosity, expansion, and enhancement to most cherished and treasured decor or collectors pieces, and capturing a pleasant aerial perspective while creating illusions of depth within the abode. Allowing a feeling of a balanced mood that bring on welcoming energy into any room.


Inspired aspects of aged charisma and a modern approach to coziness and transcendent practicality. Faer wing 5 Italian walk in closet anchors an alloy of novel and innovated style with slightly primeval flare, bringing together a fusion of diverse taste perched in a lofty melting pot. With a warmth of spiritedness to its perfect wooden texture, to capricious varieties of glossy and colorful glass and lacquer finishes, vintage backgrounds, to the segmentation of modernly structural and immovable accents for well tailored footlights with an urban glow.


Classic and conventional spirit, in vogue energy, practical constructions, modernistic perspectives, with glimmering configuration of warm woodland roots and radiant lacquered glass faces bring together many customs that are captured through all of its aesthetic lucidity and natural alignments. Sheltered with s hint of leisurely coziness and perpetual space, Faer Wing 6 Italian modular closet and wardrobe system simplistic suppleness, with a timeless and refined modularity for all living elements such as books, family art, and favored collections to display. Contemporary attributes with invitingly warm influential expression.


The classic white closet creates a decorative canvas that imposes a clear and bold statement of enlightened personalities within the decor, blending in luminous warmth inside of a living space and room. Faer Wing-7 contemporary Italian closet expresses these same details in a well streamlined design for a compellingly smooth connection of purity and sophistication, evoking a romantic affair of lifelong inspirations that create an airy feel of openness in any room.  Openness and livability are revealed within the universal white color spectrum for a standalone or built in wardrobe so unique it reflects a supernova luminosity for a metamorphosis of confidence with flexibility for a growing space.  Extreme versatility and adaptability within the elements of the room usher a feel of true serenity through the harmonious characteristics of feminine aesthetics that make an impressionable back splash, or contrasting showpiece within the room.


Keep things nicely tucked away and bring together an ideal engagement of ultra-liberal storage solutions, that pair up euphorically with traditional, contemporary, or modern interiors.  While pondering on incorporating advanced components with outstanding quality that accompany the capacity of a room, the integration of an in vogue European closet design system such as Faer Wing-8 sets a perfect impression of modest but predominant form, working intuitively in any given space, preferably in smaller homes and rooms.
Reflecting space with the architects and elements in the interiors of a room, a specialized storage system with sliding doors that acquire soft closing mechanisms are of great benefit in space saving.  Attuned to the latest trends in textures, patterns, and neutral or monochromatic color blends of gray, brown, black or white giving big opportunity in limited spaces to create a room with depth and interest.


Allow nature to spark up creativity and influence an earthly design while harmonizing with nostalgic memories of deeply cultured roots. Faer Wing-9 Italian closet design system, in its many natural finishes, patterns, and textures, brings together a lighthearted connection of the outdoors most tranquil surrounding with natures rich color palette.
Immersed in ingenious streaks of soft earth tones, a modular storage system such as this unique design not only captures the eye of the beholder, but brings observation to the smooth lines and attractive manner of its geometric form, allowing an enchanted intimacy with the natural flow of the room.  Full height built-in wall shelves expand its function by blending the need to offer organized storage solutions with modern-chic aesthetics in a walk-in closet or standalone closet design system combined in one space for a look and feel that is modern-modular with an organic appreciation through its nature related attributes.


For the true fashionista who loves the look and feel of classic and timeless attributes, corresponding flair, and great panache within space, intertwined with a popular boutique wardrobe design that extends versatility, along with adaptability for growth in future collections.  create and define a statement with Faer Wing-10 European closet design, combining an expressive engagement of the best walk-in closets and stand alone Italian closet organizing systems that withhold supreme functionality in its interiors with an equal amount of elegance and beauty in its exteriors.  A noteworthy design system that strikes an attitude of luxuriously superlative aspects, and the simplest formations in its sleek details.  Unleash your own unique inner style series as you relax and enjoy shopping your wardrobe collection, and personalizing attire in the comfort and space of home, with the utmost comprehensive organized and spacious closet design that presents a natural sense of who you are.  Providing elements of angled shoe shelves for high heels, accessory stations for hats, ties, and jewelry, while maximizing space with corner carousels for short and long pieces of clothing or pull out mirrors that can be utilized when needed then neatly tucked away to keep an open space.  Optimal accommodations in a pleasurable experience fitting to define perfection of any mood as you put yourself together, projecting effortless confidence in every feature.


A place for everything and everything in its place.
As demonstrated in Faer Wing-11 high end modern closet and wardrobe design, that can be crafted into a spacious walk-in closet or space saving stand alone closet for efficiency. Taking on devoted space where the use of facilitation and organization become one with a touch of detailed skill and imagination, while bringing together a complete and new universe within the ambiance.  Italian closet design at its finest ingenuity as it gives to a beautified and valuable composition with the wardrobes versatility and tri-dimensional structures.
Together with strong geometric composition, straight lines and open space for placement,  along with simple storage solutions. There is a great analogy of masculine details to correspond into the design with ample choices of neutral to rich colors ranging from browns, grays, and black, to blues and purple, along with textures and finishes in styles from matte to glass, and glossy to high gloss finishes that specify modern minimalist design.  Perfectly suited for a place where open space and simplistic style take place and everything is perfect in its place.