Modern design, practical accessories and balanced chromatic effects make Noemi a model that interprets and meets all the

Rigorous in its linearity but rich in its essence. Oltre presents particular finishes and accessories that make it

In this project, luxury is a matter of atmosphere, made of color, intimacy, meticulous attention to detail and

Immagina Plus is a collection full of news, new finishes and colors in step with today's stylistic trends,

Clover was created to last over time thanks to the materials with which you can dress it. Authentic

A kitchen with a framed door characterized by a modern design, which can be interpreted in a perfect

Moving geometries that make your kitchen unique. Creativa is a furnishing program for those who want to design

A design kitchen pleasant to the touch but highly resistant to use, with important volumes that give a

In Veronica, formal authenticity and style are combined with skillful craftsmanship and technology. The proposed models are designed

A kitchen that can be interpreted in a classic key, its natural version, but also in a contemporary

With the new line of modern Round kitchens, LUBE proposes a green philosophy, which is concretized in the

A fake brick and solid ash kitchen recalls the large spaces of the rustic kitchens of the old

Anita, a fake brick kitchen, is made entirely of aged and brushed chestnut wood. The door has a

Dynamic furnishing solutions, which reflect the modern style of the Luna model, designed to meet new ways of